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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

~Nuremberg GETS~

Heyaa Bunnies :*
Since I was unable to make a real monthly get, here is a seperate post about the things I got while I was in Nuremberg♥️

Bags full of enjoyment🤭 To save traveling space, I put everything in these bags.

First I bought this dress, which was on doesn't quite fit, since the sleeves are too loose but I'll sew them tighter. I also already a have a coord planned with this😍

The same store also had this cute keychain for a cheap price which reminded me of the JD-Poodle...I wasn't sure if I had anything with that colour at home (I actually did lol), since I am more a beige/pink type of person🤣

I absolutely love keychains, I use them to accessorize my bags. Especially when you have bags with plain colours (, you can change the look by adding a colourful keychain.

My goal was to get more accessory and jewelry. I always looked at pretty ones but not buy them and later regret that I have none. I told my friend and she has shown me where to get all the pretty accessories. 

a big brown bow. It was the last (and I think it was the only) one in the shop. Almost as if it was waiting for me😭 I also love the idea of pins and want incorporate some into my outfits. This bee was just too cute🙈 At first I always skipped hairclaws...I never thought I could put them into a hairstyle. But this one was heavily reduced and it was so shiny and beautiful, so I just took it with me... It turned out, I can put it in my hair very well😘 Good to know, so if I find more pretty hairclaws, I can take them too.

I told my friend I wanted to go to claires. I always knew they had a lot of good accessories but it doesn't exist in my area. Even if I got it reduced for bulk-buying...I never paid that much for accessories. Some of them also were from a local supermarket.
AND I finally got a transparent lash glue...I love the makes with this😍

when we went to TKmaxx this bag was something completely different from my wardrobe but I just loved it. It had such an elegant and luxurious vibe to it. Even if I have to make a coord for that bag. I will.

I also got this shiny bracelet😍

I had to pay a lot for food and gas november will be a saving month for me😭😭

Lynn Leo

Friday, November 13, 2020

~ Hime Make-up Tutorial ~

Heyya Bunnies :*

A lot of you wanted me to film a makeup tutorial, I always wondered how I am supposed to put my camera to catch everything and still I can see what I am doing rn (good lighting included).

I am a person learning by doing, so I just did it.

And I am quite confident with the result.

At first I wanted to just add the text over the video but I figured it's easier to record my voice.

In the end it's not that easy as I thought. I sped up the video so much, so it isn't too long,

 that I didn't really had time explaining anything and sometimes the speed got me speechless too haha

So I decided to add everything here, that I feel that has to be added but I either forgot while recording or couldn't focus on explaining further.


I always had problems with finding my skintone because I have an olive type of colour and the makeup being sold here is either orange or pinkish. At some point I decided to just mix two colours together.

Both Foundations are with included sunscreen, so I don't have to put another layer on top or under it, which would be too thick for my skin.

I have very greasy skin, so instead of highlighting it, like most people want to, I want to make it as matte as possible. Because y'know, give it only 30min. and my natural "highlighter" will be shining through.

Throughout the day, I am simply wiping the excess grease off. I don't put powder on top of it again.

The powder I use is from a skincare brand called CV, and this is the only powder I like to use.

When I started using it, my skin stopped immediately breaking out with acne after I wear makeup.


There are three main "cores" of an eyemakeup when you use eyeshadow.

It's not necessary doing it that way but it does make it look more clean and shiny:

The front "accent", the middle and the end..the so-called "tail", at least that's how I call it.

I only applied accent and middle for this tutorial, I might film another to explain the cores more in detail.

The goal of the cores is to get your eyes look more contoured.

The middle can be in any colour of your choice.

The tail either has to be brown, black or the same colour but darker.

The accent has to be white, beige, yellow or any light colour. It will open your eye.

I like to emphasize the accent with another layer of silver eyeliner.

Don't forget to blend it out with a blending brush.

Do not use it on top of your makeup, it will brush it off again. Instead just circle around the "edges" to make them more smooth.


I explained in this blogpost how to draw your eyeliner.

But using a khol eyeliner is just as essential and can change the whole look.

Wether you use a black or brown one, wether you draw the complete waterline or wether you use a white eyeliner will change the whole look.

Khol eyeliner is a helpful tool to make lashes fuller and I like to use a black eyeliner on my top waterline to blend the lashes in. The issue with black eyeliner is, it makes the eye look smaller.

So if you intend to make a big "dolly" eye, black eyeliner might play through your game.

Instead I use it only in the middle of the bottom waterline, right where my CL (Circle Lenses) are.

My CL all have a black circle to make the eyes look bigger, by adding a black line on my waterline it will increase the size again.

If you have small eyes and a black eyeliner might be too much, I recommend using a brown one.

It's dark as well, but it's not as "aggressively" working like a black one.

Using a white or nude eyeliner on your bottom waterline will increase your eyesize.

If you're new to using eyeliner on your waterline, try pushing your lashes up, you waterline won't be directly on your eyeball and makes it easier to apply.

Please note, that there are special eyeliner like khol eyeliner for your waterline.


Since I once had an eye-infection, my eyes became sensitive so I only use natural cosmetics directly on my eye (khol eyeliner and mascara).

Nose contouring

I, in fact, believe that contouring your nose isn't as necessary in hime than it is i.e. in manba, ganguro etc. However it makes your makeup more complete, so you might emphasize more on highlighting your nose.

I personally feel like my nose is looking bigger on camera than it actually is, so I focus on a deep contouring around my nose tip.

Applying lashes

I also explained this in detail in my blogpost. When applying the top lash, I put it in the middle first without pushing it so it doesn't glue down and pull the outer part of it first to the end of my eyeliner.

Then I work myself up to the front and push the outside downwards. It will create a new eyeshape.

Using a black lashglue will blend it in with your eyeliner and your natural lashes.

When applying the bottom lashes, I do it the other way around,

I grab the front/middle-part of it and apply it right under my CL, push the front part in and then take the outer part to glue it down where my newly created upper lashline ends.

Leave a gap inbetween upper and bottom lashes, otherwise they will rip each other out.

I used a transparent lashglue, so the result of the makeup will look lighter.

(Remember: black eyeliner has a more aggressive vibe to it, by using as less as possible, the result will be "softer". That applies to lashglue as well.)

So that's pretty much it.

I hope I helped some of you out and would like to know, if you want more makeup tips in the future :)


Lynn Leo

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

~ October GETS~

Heyaa Bunnies :*

So this post is overdue and not complete...making such a post is more difficult than I thought because I am usually not quite a "haul" shopper but instead I always get stuff here and there. Y'know?

Like I go out and see a hairclip, got it.
I am online and see shoes I like, got it.
All my online packages arrive to different timing.

And especially when I actually go shopping, there is usually so much 
and I use it within the first couple days so I forget to include it  haha.

But I did my here are some of the stuff I got in october.


I want to emphasize more on tight prints, since it's an essential part of a hime gyaru coord. The tights can style up any outfit. Just be careful that they are usually see-through. Printed tights that aren't see-through makes it look Lolita very quick.

These are black ones that I got first, since many of my clothes are from Ma*rs.

White boots

I always wanted white boots. I got nude ones and black ones...but I have almost no white shoes at all, except maybe sneaker. So, getting white shoes is on my shopping list.

Cheap shopping

I think every country has its cheap shops. Wether it is a company or some type of bazar. Here in germany it's "KIK". Usually it gets related to foreigners (turks&arabs), it has a "poor" image to it und there are plenty of rumors about the clothing being damaging to someones health because of toxic materials (?). Well, I grew up with it and it's usually my first place to go to if I want to get something really cheap. This time I wanted to see, if I can get my hands on some pink stuff.
(I am sick of seing blouses in dusty pink in online shops)

I LOVE THIS COAT SO MUCH, even if it's has a 
dusty pink colour to it too.
It's perfect for my ma*rs clothes.

Pink Boots

I always wanted pink my melody boots...but they are nowhere to be sold rn. So, I had to get along with getting some ugg-kinda boots. I actually found some on KK but they were really pricey. First, that person took SO long to reply and second, she said one of the things that I hated most:  "I sell for a friend, I'll ask her". You already took 5+ days to answer to my message, how long am  I supposed to wait until you message your friend and that friends responses to me,  then I am responding to her, and...etc.

No, thank you. 

I looked through mercari and found these which were 1/5th of the price,  so of course I had to get them.

My favourite local shop

The owner is some russian woman that I enjoy talking to, she's selling a lot 
of pretty clothes for a cheap price. Most of them already have a 
gyaru-feeling to it. I couldn't find any satisfying clothes the last couple 
months but this time I walked out more than happy with two pullovers.

The pullover glitters!!! <33

Mercari (per Buyee)

And because I didn't already shop enough... 
(I forgot at this point I had a trip to Nuremberg where I needed money for, 
but that's another story)

New Phone cases

My old one was getting dirty already. I actually went more for that hello kitty one and only got the case with the diamonds for more diversity... I actually love the one with the diamonds more. It's the perfect colour combo, it's going well with my phone colour and it's so sparklyy <33

Anddd new lashes

These are amazing, but lemme tell you.. they are such a pain to apply!!!
They are soo big..

So this is it for today.

I also have a seperate post for the stuff I got in Nuremberg, a makeup tutorial, A where-to-get post AND a Buyee tutorial that I am currently working on.
So a lot of content will be coming haha.

ALSO: This saturday I am live with dd.kyoko on Instagram 1PM EST (7PM GMT+2)

I am not quite sure how to place my phone, so it will be a surprise for me 
as well how good this will work out :)

Lynn Leo

Monday, November 2, 2020

~Storytime: Me Becoming A Gyaru~

Heyaa Bunnies😘
I am still in Nuremberg and have no access to a computer but I miss blogging and there's a topic I like to talk about.

I can't edit this post on my phone but I will as soon as I come this post will be ✨ugly✨.

Todays topic are gyaru substyles and how to fit into them, since this might be challenging for newbies. I want to tell my story of how I became a hime gyaru.

Gyaru Fashion With Their Substyles

The one thing that I always loved about gyaru fashion is its diversity. When I grew up I could never choose a style. My mum didn't allow me dying my hair in bright colours, I wasn't skilled at makeup and since I had no job and only 20€ pocket money in a month, with which I also had to pay for school necessities etc., I had no access to looking alternative or similiar. So what I did was researching a lot and dreaming. I drew outfits, made collages and also experimented a little bit with makeup (but were really bad at it). I was dreaming about how I want to look like as soon as I grow up and be able to...but quickly noticed, I couldn't decide.
One day I wanted to wear only pink, have platinum blonde hair, surgeries all over top, only wear high heels. The next day I really liked spikes, black, nets...I wanted to look like a gothic fairy straight out of a medieval fantasy book. Meanwhile, I didn't seem to fit in anywhere. I wasn't goth, I only liked the looks. I didn't have the "bad bitch" attitude of a barbie girl either. Of course, naturally, I didn't fit in with the "normal" folks as, not at all🤣
I had bunch of weheartit collections with all sorts of aesthetiques, styles and even made up "personalities". When I found out about gyaru, I didn't know much about it, often confused it with "kawaii"-style and ulzzang. I digged deeper and actually found a community to fit in. Somehow, even though all gals look different and are ultimately different, they still understand each other like soulmates. Or kinda, if you get what I mean. I had the fashion diversity I needed and still have a community with like-minded people without being accused of being a "poser".

Caution: some embarassing pictures🤭
(All before I found out about gyaru much)

Do you feel the different vibes in these pictures? Well, If not...I intended to have different vibes but whatever😅😅🤷🏽‍♀️
In all of these pictures I am between 14-16 years old. I lost a lot of pictures...would have loved to show you the "witchy lynn"🤣🤣

Even though I never were in the actual "scenes" of these aesthetiques...they all formed me in some way or another. (Of course)

Gyaru Substyles And Their Rules

So by all the freedom gyaru is giving us...there are still categories. Which I personally find distracting. Because it was always like: "you have to wear this, and look like this, to be _____(insert substyle)". So I had a hard time choosing what type of gal I was. Am I a kurogyaru? Do I want to wear himekaji? 

I started off with himekaji, I liked looking feminine and girly and it was one of the easiest styles. There was plenty of LL on secondhand-sites.

Bonbon21 was my very first gyaru dress and it's still one of my favourites.

I kinda started missing my pink barbie aesthetiques...I mean himekaji is dolly, but not barbie. I thought I might add some ma*rs, it won't be too different if I don't wear straps like agejo...agejo is "too much" for me (I am laughing about this now)

But I always felt like I wasn't good enough. Especially looking at popteen scans...
I swore myself after the platinum desaster I wouldn't touch my hair with dye anymore and let it grow, since I always wanted at least hip-length...but I didn't feel gal enough.

The "Gyaru Enough" Dilemma

I always feel kinda sad, when I get messages of people asking me if they are gyaru if they wear "XY". It reminds me of my early baby days where I felt the same. I felt like I need to look exactly like them and throw everything over board that I enjoyed about myself. And you guessed it...

Oops...I did it again. 
Not once...but twice😅
(The second time will be a little later🤭)

I thought I'd feel more gal as soon I am blonde...but nope. 

Maybe it was himekaji. Maybe it was my makeup?

I started to miss my mature and sexy outfits. I was sick of wearing fluffy skirts and bows. And more certainly I missed smth else.

My dark hair...It's just a part of me I guess.
So I had to make it work, right??.You would see me every day looking up "Gyaru with black hair" but only finding agejo models who were brunette. I am naturally brunette, but I like black hair.
So I worked on my makeup.

not gyaru enough.

Not gyaru enough.

this was the right direction. I liked it but it still felt weird to me. I started tanning..

tried braiding in my hairstyling, long nails...
I moved more forward kuro-type of style.
But still not gyaru enough.

tan got eventually deeper but it wasn't enough.

oops...bleach again, but since there was a lot of black in it, it only turned light brown.
I was exploring a gyaru substyle that may looked cool in the mirror.

but to me it was hardest to achieve.

I'd never wear that in public. Not because I didn't like it or wouldn't want to wear it in public. It was just that I'd never do. It wasn't me. So torn between having to choose a substyle and not feeling a substyle, I lost motivation. I deleted all my accounts...and apps. I was questioning hard who I am and what I wanna do. I could do everything and wanted none. I was never satisfied.

It was in the middle of quarantine when I decided to live bare minimum. I lost interest at everything I liked. I didn't want to look up fashion. I didn't do makeup. You could tell I was hella depressed, even if I was trying to smile hard.

No makeup, no social contact, nothing...and instead of staying in touch through social media, I put it all away too. But y'know what? It was the best thing ever. Because I missed it.... 

The Realisation

Having that much time to think about it and also not having the pressure of putting it online I came to notice that I repeated the same thing of my teenage years all over again. Instead of different styles, I forced myself to decide within a style. Unfortunately gatekeeping myself somehow. I want makeup. I want fashion. If I don't wear it some day, doesn't make me less of a gal. If I don't fit in a certain substyle, doesn't mean I am not gyaru. If I switch within the substyles, I am still gyaru one way or another. This time, I didn't wear substyles...I wore whatever the f*** I felt pretty in.

Instead of experimenting with substyles...

I experimented with MY STYLE...

I like to connect everything I like..

My way of doing my makeup, my way of nails..

My type of haircolour...

And I have never felt more gyaru before...y'know why?
Because I stopped wearing gyaru...I am gyaru.
Whatever I wear is gyaru, because I am.
If that makes sense?

Of course I still kinda label myself...I am hime gyaru. I feel like a princess, it's my identity. Doesn't mean, I can't wear kuro- or agejo-aspects. The looks may won't be 100% hime. But it sure will be gal.

That's why I also never know how to respond, if someone asks me if "these shoes are hime?", While they want to be hime. Because maybe these shoes aren't hime...but if you like them, why shouldn't you wear it?

I might want to teach how to be hime gyaru...but I don't want to set boundaries (If I ever accidentally did, pls tell me).
I want to ecourage to become better gals by being the best "YOU" can be. 

How To Be Gyaru
It's such a complex topic to talk about. Especially it is considering all sorts of aspects: hobbies, lifestyle, fashion, makeup, hairstyle, character, environment, money etc....

Yes, you should take inspiration of gyaru models and pros...but you shouldn't force yourself to look a certain way (which is the opposite of being gyaru btw lol) and you should also not forbid yourself to wear something. 

One of the earliest quotes I read as a baby gal, that took me almost 2 years to fully comprehend is:
"If gyaru never experimented with their style, going out of rules and making it different...we wouldn't have that many substyles today".
When in doubt, do it like dede. Make your own yourself fairy gyaru if necessary✨🤭.

If you made it until here, big thanks to you for not getting bored of me talking about my story♥️ You are a real one✌🏽

What do you think about this topic? Did you have similiar experiences? Do you fit into a substyle or do you make your own??

Lynn Leo